Routine Office Cleaning Inspections: Why Are They So Crucial

Your commercial property is a big investment. It is important to keep the property well-maintained and cleaned, not only to secure your investment but to provide a clean and safe environment for your employees and your clients. Commercial cleaning companies are often a “go-to” for many business owners. But business owners are typically very busy and don’t have time to check if anything is being missed or overlooked. Small problems can turn into major issues if a cleaning company is unaware of or overlooking certain tasks. This can easily be remedied by having regular Cleaning inspections of your property.


What Is The Purpose Of Office Cleaning Inspections?

It’s important to remember what Cleaning inspections are for. The purpose of a Cleaning inspection is to help your cleaning company perform high-quality work that takes care of critical issues before they become critical problems. There are particular systems and practices that your cleaning company should have in place so that professional, efficient, and cost-effective services are being provided to you and your facility. Regular Cleaning inspections will only enhance the quality of the Cleaning services you receive. Cleaning inspections are not meant to be a punishment or to tear down a cleaning crew. In fact, regular inspections should be performed in a way that motivates and encourages a cleaning team and provides a level of support that the team may need to perform to the best of their abilities. Mistakes will happen from time to time, but a formal inspection will help limit human error and inadequacy.


What Should Office Cleaning Inspections Provide?

Cleaning inspections can provide a lot of crucial and valuable information to a cleaning company:

Communication – A thorough inspection can provide clear communication to ensure that everybody is on the same page and all questions are answered.

Expectations – A good inspection will emphasize which duties matter the most, which tasks are priorities, and what the expectations are.

Standards – Cleaning inspections will set the tone for standards. If the services being rendered have been less than up to par, an inspection will make any cleaning team very aware of how high the bar is and what standards they need to meet.

Accountability – Performing regular inspections is an easy way to help keep their teams accountable. When inspections are expected, quality goes up. People perform better when others are watching!

Reliability – When communication is clear, expectations are understood and standards are being met, you know that you have a reliable cleaning team that you can count on.

Setting cleaning standards can quickly help your cleaning service go from good to great! When productivity is happening and good work is noticed, people get motivated. Any Cleaning service can provide their clients with a high-quality team of professionals that set standards of excellence for themselves when routine Cleaning inspections are happening. Success happens when a plan of action is made and followed consistently. Write a new plan of action for your cleaning service and include high-quality  that will set the standards for everybody involved.

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