4 Things That Make A Top-Notch Cleaning Service

You might think that all cleaning companies are the same and that they provide the same type of services. While it is true that cleaning services are largely similar, there are some things that set high-quality cleaning companies apart from mainstream cleaning companies. Jkleen Service\’s cleaning strives to provide pristine commercial cleaning and cleaning services to our clients by staying up-to-date on the most efficient and effective cleaning methods, using industry-best cleaning agents and understanding the unique needs of each of our clients. We have found that there are four key ingredients in providing superior cleaning care!

Cleaning Agents And Avoiding Harsh Chemicals

Store-bought or cheap cleaning agents do not perform a service for your business. No matter how much elbow grease is put into the cleaning process, most cleaning supplies will not provide the level of clean and sanitization that industry-grade cleaning products do. Many store-bought cleaning agents are not cut out to clean up the heavy grime that comes with the foot traffic and daily activity that commercial buildings see. They are also very harsh and can damage your property. High-quality cleaning agents are safe on surfaces while providing the deepest, best clean.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

A regular vacuum or mopping might help keep your floors looking less dirty, but they do not actually clean out all of the dirt and debris that embeds in carpet fibers and hard floors. Certified cleaning services use advanced equipment that cleans deep into the fibers of carpets and upholstery and in the crevices of different types of flooring. Not only does the equipment reach deeper than home cleaning equipment, but it is also safe and gentle to use on expensive flooring, upholstery, and carpet. Your flooring will actually last longer with professional cleaning services.

Unique Cleaning Plan Based On Your Needs

Many cleaning companies provide a list of what they will clean. Not many cater to your individual needs. High-quality cleaning services, like Jkleen Services, inventory your needs before the cleaning plan is set.

Understanding Your Operations And Floor Plan

Taking the time to get to know your building and how your operation works will give professional cleaning companies the opportunity to further understand your needs. Efficient cleaning services take into account where your supplies are stored and thrown out. For instance, have you had a cleaning company forget to add additional toilet paper to the bathrooms because they did not know where it was stored? Or have they left trash in large bags because they weren’t sure where to dispose of it? High-end cleaning service providers will not allow that to happen because they take initiative in the beginning.

If you have suffered from a cleaning company that cuts corners and causes you frustration, it is time to stop losing money. Jkleen Services sets the bar for high-standard commercial cleaning and customer experience. You don’t have to waste money on cleaning companies that damage properly and leave behind messes. Our experienced professional team always goes above and beyond to make sure our clients are 150% satisfied with their experience.

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