Different Types of Industrial Cleaning Services

Small, medium and large businesses operating in the Perth. Worth areas often require far more stringent cleaning requirements than a couple of rags and some off-the-shelf cleaner. We’re talking about office spaces, restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, schools and a whole lot more.

We’re also talking about the fact of protecting hundreds and thousands of people working inside of those buildings. In these days of dealing with a pandemic, businesses must be extremely aware of making sure work environments are safe. This is the job of industrial cleaning services.

What Are Industrial/Commercial Cleaning Services?

Industrial cleaning services are designed for the removal of various hazardous materials in order for both new and older facilities to continue performing daily operations. Due to a structure’s age, these buildings can be full of dirt, dust and more. It’s not a pleasant job nor is it what anyone would define as easy.

What Sort of Hazards Does Industrial Cleaning Remove?

Industrial cleaning takes care of many different environmental problems. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of industrial cleaning.


Commercial kitchens, commonly shared areas such as bathrooms and dining areas require constant cleaning to remove contaminants. In cases where there are hazardous materials involved, you can count on industrial cleaning services to keep your business and employees safe. Specialized teams are trained to deal with situations where there are chemical spills and other related dangerous materials. We cannot stress enough about relying on industrial/commercial cleaning services to handle contaminated areas rather than trying to take care of it yourself.


There’s still a lot of older buildings that are full of asbestos. This material was widely used in buildings because of its insulation properties. But asbestos also became infamous due to its ability to cause cancer. Asbestos is still used in many types of products today, though at a much lower level than it was in the past. Teams of industrial cleaning specialists are often tasked with asbestos removal.

Lead Particles:

We’re mostly talking about paints when lead removal is discussed. Lead used to be mixed with paints because it was known to help the paint resist corrosion and dry quicker. The danger of lead comes from when the paints eventually peel and flake, allowing people to breathe in the particles. This can lead to lead poisoning which can interfere with every organ in the human body, shutting them down. Although lead-based paints have been banned in the Australia since long time, that’s still a huge amount of structures that are considered hazards.


Mold is a very common problem for a lot of structures. The fungi can be found nearly anywhere there is light and moisture. Left unchecked, mold can cause a host of health problems. A common place that mold is found is in air ducts and vents from the smallest home to schools, office buildings and just about anywhere else. Mold dries out and flakes, making it easy for people to inhale large amounts of unhealthy bacteria.

Dirt and Dust:

Keeping your business dust free is a big part of keeping employees safe. People constantly coming into small and very large businesses all day long drag dirt in with them. Heavy duty vacuums with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are an absolute must to keep dirt and allergens under control. When businesses keep their work areas clean, it not only promotes a safe working environment, but it ensures worker productivity.

Who Removes These Hazards?

Our industrial/commercial cleaning company has extremely skilled workers that are fully trained to remove these problem materials. The team at Jkleen Services is also given plenty of on-the-job training in the use of special cleaners and hazard-removing machines. Safety training is also a priority for workers so that they are well aware of the dangers of the job.

What Standards Are Used for Industrial Cleaning?

Although the standards can differ from state to state, industrial cleaning companies normally follow the standards from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA for short. OSHA is part of the US Labor Department. They ensure certain standards are met when dealing with work-related safety standards. Cleaning companies in at least 25 US states follow the OSHA standard, while the other 25 states follow the federal safety standard, which is extremely similar to OSHA rules. In other wards, your business is in very safe hands.

How Do Businesses Operate While Getting All of This Cleaning Done?

Jkleen Services can work around nearly any type of business operating hours. In most cases, you and your employees will not even notice we’re there. After initial contact, the cleaning company will be able to do a thorough inspection, and then determine the best plan for you and your business.

Everything will be accomplished to prevent any disruption to your daily operations. It is possible to service buildings after hours or on weekends if needed. This is especially true for places such as schools.

What Types of Chemicals Are Used for Industrial Cleaning?

Alkali-based cleaners are normally used for industrial cleaning. Alkali are soluble compounds that are derived from alkali metals such as sodium, cesium, lithium and more. Alkali has the unique ability to neutralize other chemicals and bacteria, especially hazardous ones. Alkali is easily produced at different levels of strength, meaning they can be used for all sorts of applications, from cleaning walls to stripping floors and so much more.

Why You Need Jkleen Services?

If you live in the Perth area then you should get a professional cleaner such as Jkleen Services. We can put together the right services your business needs to stay safe and compliant. We’ve been operating and serving the Perth area since 2012 and we are also certified and bonded. Our industrial cleaning team can handle all sorts of jobs, big and small. We have the latest cleaning supplies and equipment to tackle your facility cleaning. Contact us so we can keep your business tidy, professional-looking and most importantly safe for your customers and employees.

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